We do not accept New Customers from 11:30am-12:30pm.

Meters are read and billed monthly.  Bills carrying a past due amount must be paid in full (past due and current amount) by the due date to avoid disconnection. Notices of impending disconnection are printed on customer bills that have a past due amount. NO SECOND NOTICE WILL BE MADE BEFORE DISCONNECTION. PARTIAL PAYMENT OF ACCOUNT WILL NOT PREVENT DISCONNECTION.

Customers turned off for non-payment will be charged a reconnect fee in addition to the total bill before water is reconnected.

Customers who have cut locks off of water meters will be charged a tampering fee.

Employees will collect no money in the field.

Customers having a check or draft payment returned by their bank will be given five days to pay for the rejected payment and associated fee or water service will be disconnected and the check will be turned over to the local district attorney for collection.

The meter box and all contents are properties of the North Marshall Utilities Board. The North Marshall Utilities Board recommends that the customer install a cut-off on the service line between the meter and the residence or business for use when the customer wishes to cut off their own water. Any damages to North Marshall Utilities Board’s property will be repaired by the board and billed to the customer. Customer’s premises are required to be plumbed to prevent backflow to the water system. The North Marshall Utilities Board will furnish water at line pressure. Any increase or decrease in pressure is a customer responsibility. The North Marshall Utilities Board assumes no responsibility for damages from back-flow, low pressure, or high pressure.

Customers must keep the meter box area accessible in order for North Marshall Utilities employees to make repairs when necessary and read the meter for monthly billing. If the area is fenced the customer will be responsible for the expense of moving the meter.

The North Marshall Utilities Board will charge a service charge in the event that personnel are sent to the customer’s premises to assist with problems in the customer’s plumbing.

Meter testing may be performed at the customer’s request. If a meter test is conducted and shows that the meter is accurate within AWWA Standard C-700, the customer will be charged a service charge and meter test fee. If the meter shows to be inaccurate, there will be no service charge and an adjustment will be made in the customer’s bill for a period not to exceed 90 days prior to the test.

The North Marshall Utilities Board cannot be responsible for postal mistakes. Failure to receive a bill does not relieve the customer of payment obligation.